February 6, 2013

Ang Ang Ang~

This was done last year, September 2012.
It was baked for my sibling's birthday. 

Ang Ang Ang~~!

 All packed.
Ready for delivery. 

It looks almost perfect~~
But there's always a 'but'.
Let me present to you...
Ha ha ha~
Doraemon got burned up...


  1. アンアンアン とってもだいすき ドラえもん~

  2. Jin, where are you? I can't get into your blog... you removed it? why... ... So long didn't go there and I just found out your blog can't be seen. I miss reading your blog posts.

  3. Well.
    Actually I had move to new blog, and deleted the old one 4 months ago.
    I will going to provide the latest blog link to you via Email.
    So may I have your email address, please? = ]

  4. Cute Doraemon, look yummy.. Can I have some? hee..hee.. :D

  5. I gotta say, they were so much cuter before baking. LOL. JK. Cute and pretty. I love Doraemon very much, too. Always a pleasure to read your posts! Sometimes I sell runescape accounts to enjoy more fun.

  6. yes Shalny, you can have some. hehe ^^ Thanks dear.

    LoLLy, pro huh? hehe. thanks to you, sifu. ^^

    Eagle Chou,
    thanks for the comment, but next time when you are leaving comment, please do not attached any advertising link? Thanks for your cooperation.