January 29, 2012

Work Start !!!

saw this on Facebook, upload by a friend of mine.

I am excited about the work start, but...
I don't feel like working tomorrow...
I am still in holiday mood... holiday holiday... mood.
Can I request for more holidays?
Just one more?


Happy working day to everyone here!

January 26, 2012

Fun cakes~

grab some egg sandwich with tomato yea?

Since almost everyone (I know)
are sharing food pictures on FB during this CNY,
I wanna share it too~~
but I share in my bloggie~

This was done few years back..
Little chocolate (MILO) cake~~

Here comes a bigger one~
Ho ho ho ho~~ stem~~~ it!

What will happen if we put both cakes together?



it will become 2 cakes lo, no?



what else can it be?



cake lo!?



come on... have some creativity people!!




Pacman cake with brown eye~~
and it's hungry...




Please tell me you are not sweating nor having this face

Happy Chinese New Year!!

January 25, 2012

Guess Guess 1

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
I found these photos from my folder~
I took it few years back...
Let's guess where is this~~

Photo 1: taken in year 2008
Where is it? Guess guess~~

Photo 2: taken in year 2011.
Different view from the same river.
Any idea where is it?

Have fun guessing~~
'll let you know the answer soon~~~
Happy Chinese New Year~
Huaaaatttt Ahhh!!!

answer: Melacca river.
**update 27/1/2012**

January 20, 2012

Something Greeeeeen

I went to Sabah last year, and took some photos from there. Today's post is about the Greenery I took from Sabah~~

took this nearby a market in Tuaran.

I prefer this one~ I feel so peaceful when I look at it~~
took this from Crocodile Farm.

from Kinabalu Park.

Oh, I love this one!!
A tree from Tip of Borneo.

Sabah is a beautiful place~~ the air is clean (at least cleaner than KL's)~~ the people are warm-hearted, the food is delicious~~ I am going to Sabah again in June 2012!! Yeaaah~! *excited excited*

January 18, 2012

Putrajaya lights

It was one of the days in November 2011, my friends and I went to a singing session in Puchong. Out of sudden we went to Cyberjaya for dinner. And then another out of sudden, someone suggested to go Putrajaya... and so, you know where we're next~~ hahaha.

Putrajaya is beautiful~ the night view is awesome!! Here're some photos I took, I was playing with the beautiful lights~~ ^^

going up~
it looks like there are peoples stretching their body...

going down~
this one looks like people are squatting down...

curly~~ curly~~
snake? worms? ducks? train?

curly down~
earings? seahorses? crutch?

We walked, we talked, we run, we took photos, we enjoy the night scenery~~~ Aww... it was so fun and relaxing. How I wish I can do that again...

Oh and I took this,
my friends are ... kinda ... falling down.

I laugh every time when I see the last picture.. ha ha ha. I am blessed to have these fascinating friends~ haha~ I love them all! Hope to meet them again and have such fun outing soon~

January 16, 2012


It's not expensive, you can found it at random roadside, you probably won't notice it because it's very small in size... The name is Lantana, and it's my favourite flower~~ Today's main character is ---- Lantana~~ tadaaaaa~~!

Alright, this post make me very very excited!!! Let me share some photos of Lantana here~~~ ^^ yeaaaa~~~ here comes:

yellow + pink Lantana~
from Colmar Tropical - Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

light purple + white + yellow Lantana~
from Colmar Tropical - Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

pure orange Lantana
from one of the roadside in Genting Highland ~

purple/pink + yellow Lantana
from one of the roadside in Genting Highland ~

Those who know EeSoon well will know the only object/thing she loves is star~ Lantana's bud looks like millions of stars~~ and it comes in many many colours~~ that's why I love it so so much! I am crazy of Lantana, just like how other girls crazy of roses! haha~

January 11, 2012





January 9, 2012

back, snap, go.

Hi all, thanks for supporting Snap Snap~
I've been busy with works and just to inform, I may not update this blog as often as few weeks back. But I will try my best to keep it alive.

I've been searching for photos for this post and found these 2:

Snap snap~~~ 1
Camera's shadow~~

Snap snap~~ 2
I have to snap more photos for this blog!!

Alright, it's time for me to go to work now. Goodbye. See you soon. Gotta continue my work! ^^

work hard... work hard...

January 3, 2012

Operation Stopped

Happy New Year to everyone here.
Just to inform that,
the owner of Snap Snap is currently busy with her work.
So, there won't be any new post added in this blog,
there'll be no updates until 8 January 2012.

Thanks for supporting Snap Snap.
New post will be up after 8 January 2012.
See you soon.