The Owner says... Welcome !!

Harloo... welcome?

I am EeSoon.
I have a blog which recorded almost everything about me.
My life, my feelings, my thoughts, everything about EeSoon.
If you are my not-so-close friend who wanna know me more, read EeSoon's.
If you just pass by, not interested? don't bother. Cheers~ ^^

This is a new one which I plan to post the photos I captured,
photos that brings up old memories~
photos that shows new experience~
what I see~ what I feel~ that's what I'll write in this blog.

I will also share some of my cooking ideas/recipes, OR
songs/videos/articles that I find it motivating/interesting.

Welcome to Snap-Share-Snap!
Where I snap snap~ write write~
where you see see~ read read.
Have fun reading! ^^

             dreaming EeSoon...