February 21, 2012


Domokuns say:
"Hi~ kheeee"

How are you dear readers/bloggers/strangers/people?
These are cookies~~~
I made it with a friend of mine~ ^^

Nice to see~ Nice to hold~ Nice to eat~!
Yeaaa~~~~ yummy~~
Alright, I am here, just to say hi.
And so... hi.

February 7, 2012

Never Give Up

Never give up!!
You don't know how close you are to success.

*repost from facebook*

February 2, 2012


Sometimes, you just need to sit down ...
and rest for a while....

before you continue
your journey to... your goals.

Take a nap if you are tired.
Stretch yourself if you are feeling tense/stress up.
Take deep breath if you are feeling sleepy,
and then go sleep.

Rest well, walk smooth,
and kick away the obstacles that blocked you.
All the best on your journey, people!