September 24, 2012

Sun, Cloud, Beach

Yeah, just as the title.

Sun, cloud, beach~

I feel like going for vacation now...
I feel like leaving my job/work...
Just fly away~ to a relaxing place like this where there is 
sun~ cloud~ beach~ island~

... Ahhh ...
I want holiday!

September 21, 2012

My Bed

Today I am going to share a picture of my bed with all of you.

"Bed, you said?" 
"Yes! Bed, is the thing."
"Yes, it is bed. A bed."
(can you see the bed... actually?)

My bed has be in this condition for about 9 months.
Now I am confuse to the function of the bed...
Is it for me to sleep/rest/lye on it?
OR for my working materials to grow/stay/store on it?


September 19, 2012

You & Me

Wow... it has been months.... since my last update here... Wow...
Sorry for the super late update...
Here goes a new post, new picture.

Drawn by EeSoon and her Mr Boyfriend.
Guess who draws what?
Square? Round? Fatty? Skinny?

Ho ho ho~~
You keep on guessing, I got to go.